• George and Carol Starkschall

Ridgway, Colorado

To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing this letter to recommend Andy Wage of AK Construction as a builder.

Last year we contracted with Mr Wage to build our house in Ridgway, Colorado. After interviewing several builders in Ouray County, we were most impressed with Mr Wage’s presentation. As a result of speaking to several individuals for whom he had built houses previously, we elected to go with Mr Wage.

Our overall experience with Mr Wage was most positive, because he was knowledgeable in architectural design as well as construction he was able to design our house as well as build it. Consequently, we had the experience of working with a single person through the entire process of design and construction who had a good concept of our vision and goal for our house.

We trusted his design sense. On several occasions he disagreed with decisions that we wanted to make on the house. After persuading us that his approach would be better for the build of the house, he demonstrated to us that, indeed, by adopting his approach our house turned out better than had we gone with our ideas.

Mr Wage is a very good communicator and a good listener, He remembered every item we mentioned in our conversation with him and, when possible, incorporated them into the design and construction of our house.

He approached the build in a very systematic fashion, specifically identifying tasks that had to be done, on the specific order they need to be done, and the time frame in which they had to be done, With Specific goals and expectations in mind, we were able to accomplish a great deal from a distance making a long distance build a relatively easy task.

He stayed within our budget and our timelines; overages, which were minor, were the result of our choice; having been told explicitly the cost of overages, we were able to make informed decisions which to take. All of his crew members, as well as subcontractors, were of the highest quality and very professional. Mr Wage and his crew went above and beyond what was necessary to complete the contractions of our house. He used high quality materials and quality craftsman; knowledgeable individuals that saw his construction were uniformly impressed with the quality of his work.

I summary, we were very pleased with Mr Wage and his work and would not hesitate to contact with him again if were in a similar situation.

Sincerely yours,

George and Carol Starkschall


Mark and Bobbie Johnson

Ouray, Colorado

Dear Andy,

Bobbie and I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you did on constructing our new home in Ouray, Colorado. We were pleased with your swift and organized schedule, and that you were able to finish ahead of schedule even though it was a winter project. Your attention to detail and flexibility to change a few things on the fly is greatly appreciated. Being able to tweak placements of walls and doors during framing helped us maximize the space and feel of the house.

We are extremely pleased with our new home and have had so many compliments on the exterior design and interior flow. If history is predictor of future events, as they say, this wont be the last house we build, and you will be the first person I call when that time comes. You’ve built our last two homes and I would like to continue our easygoing and professional owner/contractor relationship…one built on mutual trust and respect.

Thanks for all your dedication and hard work. I will always recommend you first to anyone looking to build or remodel. We hope to see you and Kari at our open house party in a couple of weeks.

Best regards,

Mark and Bobbie Johnson


Kevin and Wendy Jacobson

Ridgway, Co

Hi Andy,

Just a quick thank you to you and your crew for the great job building our new garage. We were very impressed with the speed and attention to detail that went into the project. In a short fourteen working days we had a new two car garage.

Thank you,

Kevin and Wendy Jacobson


Marty Sanders

Dallas Texas

Hi Andy,

Looking forward to meeting you and touring the masterpiece you have created. For us it has been an exciting and pleasurable adventure.

Thanks for making it all happen.




Chuck’s Glass

Montrose, Colorado


Please accept this token of appreciation along with the title of “Contractor of The Year for 1997”.

This reflects your quality and quantity of work over the past year, as seen by all of

us at Chuck’s Glass.

Keep up the good work in ’98.

Thanks again,

Chuck’s Glass

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